The Framework

Intrapersonal Practices

Individual Development

Awakened Method Coaching

Personal Practice

Role Practice

Role to Role Communication


Positive Behaviors Practices

Body Language, Yoga, Excercise, Sleep, 

Proper Eating Habits

Tai Chi, Qi Gong

Personal Practice

Tribe Practices

Tribe Mastermind Work

Group Contemplative Practices

Imagination/Innovation Workshops

Presencing  Practices

Liberating Structures Practice


Tribe Practice

Organization Practices

Awakened Dynamics

Next Paradigm Games

Organization Practice

We engage in the practice of the Four Quadrant Model elucidated by Ken Wilber. We take an integral perspective towards a more skillful life. We want to touch on all four spaces for your life so you can access the maximum potiental for life change. Some may come through the doorway of Life Coaching  and expand, eventually to give birth to a social impact venture. Some may come as a group to Next Paradigm and engage in our practices to deepen their friendships. Some may engage our roleplaying games using it as a way to apply skillsets through simulated play. Whatever your doorway, #NextParadigm is here to incubate your personal revolution  towards positive world change.