Why We Exist?  We want to usher a new tommorrow. We want to explore a new way of navigating this life and world. This is what #NextParadigm wishes to ignite. 


How we will do this? We are employing a methodology; that we call the awakened method. We facilitate freedom-building and skillful living practices, tribe-building and innovation sessions, and organization-creation workshops utilizing this method-engine.


What do we do? We offer to coach clients in creating, what we call, mastermind tribes. Creating a mastermind tribe is the first step of taking charge of transforming your professional and personal life. Proactively and consciously creating a positive group culture, we offer these groups to learn the cutting-edge organizational practice called awakened dynamics through mult-person roleplaying games and company simulation as well as awakened method life coaching. 

What makes our model unique lies in the direction of building a value-centric tribe culture first where organizations could arise. We believe in the motto "build the culture and the organization will come." We are looking for professionals and innovators who dare to dream, find others who are like-minded and aspire to create a powerful impact in this world. Personal Growth. Authentic Relationships. Community Flourishing. This is the purpose of #NextParadigm


We wish to usher the next paradigm for the coming world. This is an emergent process which means we do not know what form it will take, but we know that it will be something radically different than before. Our wish is for these mastermind tribes and their organizations to interconnect with each other through awakened dynamics. Our wish to create an awakened global ecosystem of interconnecting organizations symbotically assisting each other towards global change. 

Eventually, an individual can have all their needs met within this awakened network.  We want awakened elementary schools to awakened universities to awake social programs; all operating interconnectly and all connected to a single secure database. An individual becomes a life practitoner who moves through this network towards human fullfillment and global change. They may start in a drug rehabiliation program, but, through their own effort, can navigate towards an empowered fullfilling life to own, for example, their own sustainable company. This network will have mentors, coaches, and services to help them along the way. To create an operationally connected network of awakened companies, awakened dynamics provides the semi-autonomous structure that gives mastermind-tribes and their organizations their autonomy while promoting a sense of operational unity. The grand vision is to foster an organizational, ethical, and contemplative consciousness that alleviates suffering and promoting a life of flourishing in the world organically and harmoniously. This is the vision of #NextParadigm

Awakened Dynamics

Awakened Dynamics provides the tribe-team a needed tool in their tool box to foster an empowering organization. Raising your venture or social venture from an embryo to a fully functioning organization, the aspiration is for your organization to have it own collective purpose beyond the founder or tribe-team. Inherently, awakened dynamics supports contemplative organization with the goal to unleash the innate power of the venture.Ultimately, this is a move towards a collective organizational consciousness. This is why #NextParadigm utilizes it as the premiere organizational method and desires for you to journey with us in seeing how it can unleashes the freedom and adaptability of your organization.

Advancing Civilization

We feel that we need to compliment the scientific method that historically shifted (and shifts) our understanding our outer reality with the threefold method of Gotama (the historical buddha) that allows us to gain freedom and mastery how our inner reality. Connected together, we advocate a new symbotic method of practice illustrating how both methods assist each other towards human flourishing. With such a practice, we hope to be a resource for this new kind of life and practice and faciliate supportive groups which may blossom into positive impact organizations. Directly utilizing  the teachings of the Buddha and Otter Scharmer's Theory of U Practice with other cutting-edge thinkers, such as John Mackey, Ken Wilber, Genpo Roshi, Chung-bin Park (Sotaesan), Henri Lipmanowicz & Keith McCandless, Brene Brown, Brian Robertson and others, join the society to bring about the next paradigm.