Next Paradigm Roleplaying Games

#NextParadigm is happy to bring the you the first in a series of business roleplaying games (RPG) called Awakened Governance RPG. What follows is a thought-experiment-turned-adventure for the Awakened Practice gaming. The instructions and scenario have been greatly simplified to keep the session under 3 hours, long enough for a conference breakout session. For full gameplay, you can either attend regularly scheduled games or a game workshop that will take place over the course of two or three days to one week. 

Here is the first game that we are embarking as more games will come later! In this game, you play a stakeholder with a stake in solving a problem of your locality. The problem is based on reality. What problems exist for your stakeholder? Poverty? Lack of education? Lack of good food, clean water, basic healthcare, best practices childcare, career or business opportunities? All of the above? The solution is the business you create with your fellow stakeholders to solve the problem. Using Awakened Governance (and a variety of other business and techniques if you wish to expand into the other games and courses #NextParadigm offers), you can create and govern a entrepreneurship, going through the exciting ins and outs of the business world, learning how to communicate with other stakeholders and run a business skillfully and ethically. 

As your solution grows, your stakeholder faces challenges and setbacks, surprise windfalls and shortfalls, and an element of chance, serendipitous or harmful, is always afoot, just like in the real world. After your first few sessions playing Awakened Governance RPG, you will start coming across these encounters and learning to problem solve on the fly with Awakened Governance.  By roleplaying. This is very much a hands-on, get-into-the-story roleplay. You learn; your stakeholder learns. As you become adept at Awakened Governance, the learning should not stop there. Called social operating system, we can explore other subjects as well. Your team, for example, take online courses in marketing, sales, business strategy, communication, etc and see how we can incorporate that learning into our simulation practice with projects and next actions. It could be possible to bring in experts as the world to throw scenarios at you as you play. What is possible is limitless with Awakened Governance as the foundation. We will charge a reasonable monthly fee (price to be determined) to roleplayers who has the desire to learn Holacracy in a fun and engaging context. 

Come learn Awakened Governance with us! Begin tilling the ground of your imagination so the seed of your business idea can take root and grow into a profitable and flourishing business adventure.