Tribe Mastermind Faciliation


Finding Your Tribe

We will facilitate this process. It is not merely finding a group of friends to hang. We want you to find supportive professionals which can blossom into deeply authentic friendships. This is why we coined the term "mastermind tribe" We aspire for mastermind groups to connect closely as tribepeople. These will be lifelong professional and personal relatioships. 


Nourishing The Tribe

 Love them hard. Engage in mastermind practices that also explore contemplative practices, big tribe innovation sessions, tribe quality time, and skillset development which readies your Next Paradigm tribe to receive and give birth to that business idea which can impact the world. 


Build Your Organization

 Allow #NextParadigm to be your online vechile to foster future entrepreneurs through what we call Awakened Dynamics which is our wish to operationalize the Awakened Method within an organizational practice. Roleplaying practices and simulations with tribe building practices. We will engage in this exciting journey with your tribe by supporting your development endeavors using the organizational practices.

Tribe Gatherings

Tribe Gatherings are meetings with other mastermind tribe members. During these gatherings, the tribe could engage in contemplative practices such as meditation. They engage personal development exercises, strategies and skill development. They talk about their hopes, dreams, fears, and practice with the love and support of one another. A mastermind tribe can become a second family.  

But a mastermind tribe can be much more than this.  

A mastermind tribe could also come together to create a social impact in the world. “To Think Globally and Act Locally”. Those who come together who want to actively effect change in their local environment and more. A mastermind tribe could be an essential homebase for a tribe-team (those who want to start a business) and advance towards creating a new venture or recede from their non-viable entreprise back to their mastermind tribe so they may nourish, check in, and pivot or start their enterprise from a fresh and clear mind and heart. A mastermind tribe is that wise supportive space to find advice and encourage for creating a venture for the world. 

If your interested in finding others who who to engage in social impact Start your journey to find your Social Impact Tribe here.

Small Tribe/Big Tribe Gatherings


Small Next Paradigm Tribe Gatherings

  As touched on previously, a mastermind group is a group of professionals which help each other develop in their professional lives. A business mastermind group, for example, may explore empowerment practices, businesses strategies as well as develop tactical skillsets such as communication skills or selling skills. Usually, a mastermind group composes of individuals from different industries working together to support each other's development. 

The tribe aspect of the group constitutes the shared values and meaning of the group that becomes the glue of the group. If a mastermind group supports the professional lives of the members, the tribe dynamic supports their personal lives. You open your heart and share your pain in a tribe. You are vulnerable with your dreams, fears and concerns in a tribe. You are brought together by the shared values and meaning that you hold in common as a tribe. Such a dynamic could also appear in a mastermind group, but, often times, it is not the explicit framing for the group. A mastermind tribe gives clarity to develop the professional life of its members while the tribe dynamic provides the compassionate space to explore each other's personal lives. A mastermind tribe attempts to cultivate both spheres in the same group.  Small tribe gatherings can occur once week. These are exclusively those which are apart of your intimate tribe circle of friends. You facilitate these gatherings using our online resources as ideas for your small gathering session. We suggest 2 - 10 members maximum. Any more than this size and it begins to lose its intimacy. This is a safe space to discuss your hopes, fears, concerns and journeys.  

You may ask, how does this kind of group just happen? Well, the seeds of such a dynamic is already inherent. Starting a mastermind group, the seeds of having the tribe dynamic is already there because we are not just professionals, we have personal lives as well. So personal concerns quickly becomes an aspect of consideration for mastermind group as well. Personal success is intimately connected with professional success and, therefore a mastermind tribe is born. We advise that both areas are equally represented and for the Mastermind tribe to not devolve into just a social get-together.

There will be mastermind tribe deepening activities that will be available at our online resources section of the #NextParadigm website. We hope that they will provide heart-enriching guidance towards nourishing your mastermind tribe. 


Big Next Paradigm Tribe Gatherings

Big Next Paradigm Tribe (or tribes) gatherings are optional, but they can be highly inspiring. They can occur once a month and these are innovation and imagination sessions. Using online apps like Loomio, you can vote to see what societal issue within your city will be the focus for that month. The event normally constitute a meditation time and games exercise that assists in placing individuals in a clear, calm and positive mindset conducive for creativity and innovation. Then, participants will undergo a similar process to the IDEO approach of design innovation. This is where you bring a bunch of diverse individuals with diverse skill-sets and break them up into cross-functional teams to come up with multiple solutions. Then, these solutions are voted to see which solution is the most feasible and then re-explored.

Finally, it comes down to one possible solution product/service idea which will be expressed as a preliminary four page problem/solution paper and this paper will be uploaded into an #NP ideas bank that is publically accessible at the #NextParadigm site. Contributors of the paper can leave their name and email address to be contacted later by interested parties.

If there are 10 tribes in a city, they should coordinate to host one big tribe gathering event. If it is over a hundred people, and you need help, then #NextParadigm will help you faciliate it. 

These are not only opportunities to intermingle with other tribes, but also to meet those who are also like-minded outside your tribe. For you see, big tribe gatherings are times that innovative thinkers, inside and outside  the tribe can come together to explore a local problem and come up with solutions to that problem.

We ask participants, coming to these gatherings, do so in the spirit of selflessly giving. The selfless giving their time and energy to make the world a better place is why we (and you) should decline requests for being paid to attend such an event. The only money exchanged is tickets to the #NP and the tribe (or social impact tribe ;) to faciliaite future programs. The next paradigm needs to move from a self-interested perspective where "I get mine and to hell with everyone else" towards a world-interested perspective where we can find solutions and engage with others that benefit you, me, the local and world community. A move towards a collective win for all.  This is our wish at #NextParadigm.

Tribe Finder


Luckily, because of the internet, finding your tribe maybe easier than you think. I would search by interests and state. Spirituality, meditation, yoga, social business, positive psychology, etc, are good beginning interests to build a tribe on. Here are some great friend-finding websites. These websites are for finding friends and are not adult-hookup websites.  


FriendMatch is actually a wonderful website and it is free up to five individuals which great features.

Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles does have a friends option that you could use. Those who I am met on Spiritual singles where really nice people. It is a paid site with a $60.00 Subscription for 6 months 

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