Awakened Method Coaching

Awakened method coaching assists professionals and life practitoners to adopt the Awakened method life practice, faciliate mastermind tribe group, as well as learn awakened dynamics organization creation. Our wish is the create the primordal soup where your cutting-edge organization is born. It incorporates three well known practices: The Threefold Practice of Gotama Buddha, Otto Scharmer's Presencing Practice and the Scientific Method into one integrated system. This is the heart of the Awakened Method which creates a framework for contemplative and applied science practices. We wish to work with scientists, inventors, therapists, business executives, and other scientifically-minded contemplative practitioners as we journey to see if this method really can engine us to the next societal paradigm.

The Journey

We want to coach groups of people on a journey towards a new way of living. This can be done virtually through web conference tools such as zoom. We prefer individuals to live in the same timezone for this removes some scheduling hinderances. Note: this is not a plug and play process. We require at least four years of commitment.  Our wish is for you to have your own smooth running mastermind tribe with your own faciliator. We offer a coaching track for one or more individuals in your group, so they can facilitate Awakened method practice and dynamics for the group. If one or more individuals desire to embark on the coaching track for your group after four years of coaching study, they will receive is the following:

- A certified Awakened Method Coach which constitutes the following:

    - certified in Awakened Organization Dynamcs

    - certified in Coaching Practice

    - adept at the Awakened Method Practice.

    - adept Presencing Practice Experience

    - adept LIberating Structures Practice Experience. 

We encourage this track because our wish is for mastermind tribe to be self-sustaining. What we desire is for your tribe to be the primordial pool that organization(s) arises. Therefore, this is not only a mastermind group for professional and personal development, the beginning of a possible advisory board and deeply-rooted tribe culture that becomes your future organization's culture. This why we provide the option for groups to practice Awakened Dynamics (See FAQ) so the mastermind tribe can be its own organizational resource in regards to company creation. 

Bring forth the next paradigm in our world through positive powerful organization and personal practice! 

Dathane Turner


  In 1993, working as a security guard at the Wharton Business School, I remember looking up at the sky thinking, what do i want to with my life? While working as a doctor, lawyer or financial professional are noble professions, I wanted a calling for my life. It seems such a request was profound, because it took ten years before the first hint of light of that calling would become known to me. Watching the movie, the Matrix in 1999, something click in me. The calling was becoming more clearer. I wanted to realize a new way of living. This has led me to innovative practices such as positive psychology, Integral theory, Holacracy and the socially-engaged practice of Won Buddhism in the mid 2000s. This path of rebirth finally accumulated to the founding of the #Next Paradigm organization. Where I guide potiental clients, in addition to other services, a new kind of life coaching. To help re-imagination your life and the world in a completely new way. More than just this offering for life coaching, which it is, this is call to join a new movement. To coach you on how you may navigate with reality in the most wise and compassionate way. Because of I don't separate individual growth from community growth, I advocate the creation of your mastermind tribe so you may walk with others to help you to purse your inner revolution that possibly assists this world towards the needed next paradigm