Awakened Dynamics

Awakened Dynamics is a method of decentralized management and organizational governance, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. Awakened Dynamics specifies processes for aligning teams around operational needs, and requires that each member of a circle fulfill certain duties in order to work efficiently and effectively together. Awakened Dynamics has been adopted by for-profit and non-profit organizations in several countries.

What makes Awakened dynamics unique (differing from Holacracy) is that we like to start first with creating a mastermind tribe and (if the group chooses) emphasize slow immersion into this cutting-edge practice through simulation and roleplaying by the tribe. Learning awakened dynamics through simulation provides individuals with the the beginning behaviors which they can bring into possible ventures. In addition, awakened dynamics operationalizes dynamic steering and metric evaluation which is the heart the Lean Startup method. Minimum Viable Products or products and services which can be used to experiment whether the product or service is viable leads to valuable insights whether to invest more time or resources in a venture or not. This is lean methodology 101.

Our practice is to have individuals in tribe space use their preferred company’s org chart and website and create a simulation from it. In doing so, they roleplay how they would run the company in method of self-empowered management. We practice awakened governance through simulation and meta-learning and once they becoming proficient in the practice, we begin to operationalize different knowledges from eastern and western sources into fictional company practices. This is how we define “sharpening the saw” so when you and your tribe-team are ready to move from idea to launch, you will have not only practice in awakened dynamics, but personal knowledge of your tribe-team’s work practices.

Another reason that we use awakened dynamics is that we feel, this structure is the most supportive organizational practice for the Awakened method. It is a perfect vechile for operationalizing not only the emperically-validated insistence of the scientific perspective found in LEAN practice, but it is also a perfect supportive environment for Dharma Practice within an organizational context. Criticisms of this practice feeling de-humanizing vanish when employing the #NextParadigm approach. 

Awakened dynamics central mission is that it is a structure that provides the capacity for a tension sensed by anyone in the organization has a place to go to be rapidly and reliably processed for meaningful change. Tension can come from anywhere and everywhere and we find this organizational practice to be align enough to create a vehicle that informs all services and products connected to #NextParadigm. We want, for example, a online group on Linkedin that operates as a online #NextParadigm community to feel connected to the companies powered by #Nextparadigm. Powered by #NextParadigm means it is powered directly or indirectly by your online group through #NextParadigm framework that holds the collective community together. And we are powered by the collective crowdsourced wisdom of an Awakened-informed global community in all operations. This is the vision of #NextParadigm.