A.D. Workshop

Instead of building an organization and learning a new governance practice, a daunting task that many startups will attest, we give the option to learn Awakened Dynamics (AD) practice as a business simulation before the inception of your venture idea. This is the purpose of the awakened organization workshop. How do we do this? One way is to guide your tribe to first find an existing company that you want to simulation. Concurrently, we will read and discuss his book published by Brian Robertson as our main standard text. 

During the simulations, a facilitator/coach represents the world that your organization swims. As the facilitator throws different external situations, responses and challenges to the organization, the fictional organization adapts, transforms and moves with these changes using awakened dynamics.  It is beneficial for members to supply the facilitator with industry trends, customer preferences, and changes in the economic landscape so the facilitator representing the world can bring them into the simulation. This creates a more realistic environment to not only keep up to date with business trends, but also to learn and adapt in close to realistic circumstances as possible.  

We faciliate simulation coaching utilizing two simulation methods 

Simulation: Night Club

We will faciliate up to thirty person awakened dynamics. We will have thirty individuals energize roles in the Awakened organization we are calling Deep City. Deep City is a simulation nightclub that wants to uplift nightlife. 

Simulation: Find your own organization

Perhaps, you have an organization that you want to roleplay as a group. Amazon? Coca Cola? Nike? If you can get your hands on their organization chart with stated job titles and accountabilities then we can convert that into a Awakened Governance organization and begin to simulate roleplay. We can use their website to set up the intial organization then begin to simulate organization operations. 

 Price $80.00 per month

 Date TBA


 4pm PT / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET