Launch: 01 Feb. 2020

The Next Paradigm Process



Find your Social Impact Tribe (SIT). Find those who you wish to develop deep lasting friendships that support personal and local transformation.



Love them hard. Deepen these authenic friendships. Engage in contemplative practices, tribe quality time, and skillset development which readies your SIT to receive and give birth to that social impact idea which can change the world.



Allow us to assist you moving your SIT's social impact idea to the launch of your social venture. We will engage in this exciting journey with you by pivoting your venture's progress through validated learning and tough-love tests. We will inspire actionable metrics so you may feel and know the direct impact your venture when addressing your societal issue.


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What you get

- SIT Coaching  (15 minutes a week, web conference or phone) 

- Holacracy Simulation Workshop  (1 hours a week, web conference)

- Access to Holacracy Audio Materials

- Online Dharma and Meditation Resources

- Monthly billing – cancel anytime

Choose from

- Individual Plan

  $80.00/month (plus tax)

- Tribe Plan

  3 - 20 members, $60.00/month per person

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